IZON Science

PO Box 20189
Christchurch 8543
New Zealand

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Samuel Yu


Izon has developed accurate instrumentation for nanoscale particle analysis. The instrument systems, the qNano and qViro, are now in use in a wide range of research institutes and universities around the world.

The basis of Izon’s instrumentation is a unique, dynamically tunable nanopore technology platform which utilises a technology called SIOS (Scanning Ion Occlusion Sensing). This technology platform is world-leading in offering an affordable, robust and highly flexible technology for real-time particle detection, quantitation and characterisation of individual particles at the nanoscale, across a wide range of applications. These applications include sizing, size distribution measurement, concentration analysis and real-time particle-particle interaction monitoring.

SIOS has created a new paradigm in nanoparticle analysis, offering a unique alternative to the existing laser-based technologies available on the market. It offers applications not previously available to researchers and at a fraction of the cost of the incumbent technologies.


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