Prof. Dr.Maan M. Alkaisi(Principal Investigator)website
BSc(Eng)(Bagh.), MSc(Salf.), PhD(Sheff.), MISES, MIEEE
phone: +64 3 364 2987 ext 7272
fax: +64 3 364 2761

Selected Publications

S. Johari, V. Nock, M.M. Alkaisi and W. WangOn-chip analysis of C. elegans muscular forces and locomotion patterns in microstructured environmentsLab on a Chip13 (9)1699–17072013paper
L.M. Murray, V. Nock, M.M. Alkaisi, J.J.M. Lee, and T.B.F. WoodfieldFabrication of polymeric substrates with micro- and nanoscale topography bioimprinted at progressive cell morphologiesJournal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures: Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena3006F9022012paper
V. Nock, L. Murray, F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi, and J. J. EvansMicrofluidic arrays for bioimprint of cancer cellsMicroelectronic Engineering88 (8)814-8162011paper
S. Johari, V. Nock, M. M. Alkaisi and W. WangHigh-Throughput Microfluidic Sorting of C. elegans for Automated Force Pattern MeasurementMaterials Science Forum700182-1872011paper
F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi, J. J. Evans, K. Chitcholtan, and J. S. MitchellDetection of changes in cell membrane structures using the Bioimprint techniqueMicroelectronic Engineering88 (8)1871-18742011paper
V. Nock, L. Murray, F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi and J. J. EvansMicrofluidics-assisted photo nanoimprint lithography for the formation of cellular bioimprintsJournal of Vacuum Science and Technology B28 (6)C6K17-C16K222010paper
V. Nock, M. M. Alkaisi, and R. J. BlaikiePhotolithographic patterning of polymer-encapsulated optical oxygen sensorsMicroelectronic Engineering87814-8162010paper
M. M. Alkaisi, J. J. Muys, and J. J. EvansSingle cell imaging with AFM using Biochip/Bioimprint TechnologyInternational Journal of Nanotechnology6 (3-4)355-3682009paper
F. Samsuri, J. S. Mitchell, M. M. Alkaisi, and J. J. EvansFormation of Nanoscale Bioimprints of Muscle Cells Using UV-Cured Spin-Coated PolymersJournal of Nanotechnology5934102009paper
J. J. Muys, M. M. Alkaisi, and J. J. EvansCellular replication and atomic force microscope imaging using a UV-Bioimprint techniqueNanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine2 (3)169-1762006paper
J. J. Muys, M. M. Alkaisi, D. O. S. Melville, J. Nagase, P. Sykes, G. M. Parquez, and J. J. EvansCellular transfer and AFM imaging of cancer cells using BioimprintJournal of Nanobiotechnology4 (1)2006paper
J. J. Muys, M. M. Alkaisi, and J. J. EvansBioimprint: Nanoscale Analysis by Replication of Cellular Topography Using Soft LithographyJournal of Biomedical Nanotechnology2 (1)11-152006paper
J. J. Muys, M. M. Alkaisi, J. J. Evans, and J. NagaseBiochip: Cellular Analysis by Atomic Force Microscopy Using Dielectrophoretic ManipulationJapanese Journal of Applied Physics44 (7B)5717-57232005paper