Prof. Dr.Alison J. Downard(Principal Investigator)website
BSc(Hons), PhD (Otago)
phone: +64 3 364 2501
fax: +64 3 364 2110
Research Interests:
Electrochemistry is the common thread that runs through all our research. We have worked in a wide range of electrochemical areas including organometallic electrochemistry, conducting polymers, electroanalysis, inorganic electrochemistry, surface modification, electrochemistry of microorganisms and bioelectrochemistry, applications of electrochemistry in wool processing and fabrication and characterisation of carbon nanotube materials.

At present, our research is focused in three areas: covalent surface modification via radicals and other reactive intermediates, electrochemical communication with microorganisms, and applications of electrochemistry in processing New Zealand’s natural products.
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Selected Publications

D. M. Packwood, P. A. Brooksby, A. D. Abell, and A. J. DownardpH Dependent Wettability of Carboxyphenyl Films Grafted to Glassy CarbonAustralian Journal of Chemistry64 (1)122-1262011paper
B. S. Flavel, A. J. Gross, D. J. Garrett, V. Nock, and A. J. DownardA Simple Approach to Patterned Protein Immobilization on Silicon via Electrografting from Diazonium Salt SolutionsACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2 (4)1184–11902010paper
J. Lehr, D. J. Garrett, M. G. Paulik, B. S. Flavel, P. A. Brooksby, B. E. Williamson, and A. J. Downard Patterning of metal, carbon, and semiconductor substrates with thin organic films by microcontact printing with aryldiazonium salt inksAnalytical Chemistry82 (16)7027–70342010paper
A. J. Gross, S. S. C. Yu and A. J. DownardTwo-Component Mixed and Patterned Films on Carbon Surfaces through the Photografting of ArylazidesLangmuir26 (10)7285–72922010paper
X. Liu, K. H. R. Baronian, and A. J. DownardDirect growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on planar carbon substrates by thermal chemical vapour depositionCarbon47 (2)500-5062009paper
X. Liu, K. H. R. Baronian, and A. J. DownardPatterned arrays of vertically aligned carbon nanotube microelectrodes on carbon fi lms prepared by thermal chemical vapour depositionAnalytical Chemistry80 (22)8835–88392008paper
C. Fairman, S. S. C. Yu, G. Liu, A. J. Downard, D. B. Hibbert and J. J. GoodingExploration of Variables in the Fabrication of Pyrolysed PhotoresistJournal of Solid State Electrochemistry12 (10)1357-13652008paper
S. S. C. Yu and A. J. DownardPhotochemical & Activation of Organic Layers on Glassy Carbon and Pyrolyzed Photoresist FilmsLangmuir23 (8)4662–46682007paper
S. S. C. Yu, E. S. Q. Tan, R. T. Jane, and A. J. DownardAn Electrochemical and XPS Study of Reduction of Nitrophenyl Films Covalently Grafted to Planar Carbon SurfacesLangmuir23 (22)11074–110822007paper
A. J. Downard, E. S. Q. Tan and S. S. C. Yu Controlled assembly of gold naoparticles on carbon surfacesNew Journal of Chemistry 30 (9)1283-12882006paper
S. S. C. Yu and A. J. DownardDynamic Behaviour of Organic Thin Films Attached to Carbon Surfacese-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology3294-2982005paper
P. A. Brooksby, A. J. Downard, and S. S. C. YuEffect of Applied Potential on Arylmethyl Films Oxidatively Grafted to Carbon SurfacesLangmuir21 (24)11304–113112005paper