Dr.Paul T. Gaynor(Senior Lecturer)website
BE(Hons), PhD
email: paul.gaynor@elec.canterbury.ac.nz
phone: +64 3 364 2269 ext 6269
fax: +64 3 364 2761
Research Interests:
Electric Field Biomedical Treatments: Really, electric field biomedical treatments could be included under the umbrella of electro-biotechnology. The defining notion of the research is that electromagnetic fields can be used to directly affect some defined biological system. In other words, electromagnetic fields can be used as the basis of some biomedical treatments. This is fundamentally different to areas of research that use electromagnetics to measure biological parameters (e.g. MRI, EEG, EKG, etc.).

Most of the current research by Dr. Gaynor focuses on applications of electroporation and dielectrophoresis. Electroporation is defined as high magnitude electric field breakdown of biological membranes. The breakdown process allows the transport of material across the membrane that would otherwise be blocked. This effect has significant applications in research including genetic engineering, gene therapy, cancer chemotherapy and cloning. Dielectrophoresis is defined as medium magnitude AC electric field induced movement of cells. The movement can be used to separate mixed cell types, transport cells from place to place, and arrange cells into structures. This effect has applications in disease diagnosis, immunology, cell characterisation, and cloning.

Other specific research interests covered by the title of Electro-biotechnology are electrostatic allergen control, electro-surgery, and neural stimulation.

Selected Publications