Dr.John S. Mitchell(Researcher)website
BSc, MSc, PhD
email: JMitchell@hortresearch.co.nz
phone: +64 7 858 4870
Research Interest:
Biosensors, surface chemistry, conjugation chemistry, plasmonics

Selected Publications

F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi, J. J. Evans, K. Chitcholtan, and J. S. MitchellDetection of changes in cell membrane structures using the Bioimprint techniqueMicroelectronic Engineering88 (8)1871-18742011paper
J. C. Sharpe, J. S. Mitchell, L. Lin, N. Sedoglavich, and R. J. BlaikieGold Nanohole Array Substrates as ImmunobiosensorsAnalytical Chemistry80 (6)2244–22492009paper
J. S. Mitchell and T. E. LoweUltrasensitive detection of testosterone using conjugate linker technology in a nanoparticle-enhanced surface plasmon resonance biosensor Biosensors and Bioelectronics24 (7)2177-2183 2009paper
F. Samsuri, J. S. Mitchell, M. M. Alkaisi, and J. J. EvansFormation of Nanoscale Bioimprints of Muscle Cells Using UV-Cured Spin-Coated PolymersJournal of Nanotechnology5934102009paper