Dr.Jafar Al Hakkak(Senior Scientist)website
PhD (Aberdeen)
email: jafar.Al-Hakkak@plantandfood.co.nz

Selected Publications

Chunhua Luo, Warren James Grigsby, Neil Edmonds and Jafar Al-HakkakRubber-Like Materials Prepared from Copolymerization of Tannin Fatty Acid Conjugates and Vegetable OilsMacromolecular Materials and Engineering299 (1)65-742014paper
Jafar Al-Hakkak, Kalyani Kathirgamanathan, Neil Edmonds and Warren GrigsbyNew method for the preparation of spherical cellulose nano-particlesProceeding of BIOPOL 2013 conference2013
Chunhua Luo, Warren James Grigsby, Neil Edmonds and Jafar Al-HakkakVegetable oil thermosets reinforced by tannin–lipid formulationsActa Biomaterials9 (2)5226-52332013paper
C. Luo, W. Grigsby, N. Edmonds, A. Easteal, J. Al-HakkakSynthesis, characterization, and thermal behaviors of tannin stearates prepared from quebracho and pine bark extractsJournal of Applied Polymer Science17 (1)352–3602010paper
J. Al-Hakkak and F. Al-HakkakFunctional egg white–pectin conjugates prepared by controlled Maillard reactionJournal of Food Engineering100 (1)152-1592010paper