Prof. Dr.Juliet A. Gerrard(Principal Investigator)website
BA(Hons) First Class, MA, DPhil (Oxon)
phone: +64 3 364 2987 ext. 7302
fax: +64 3 364 2590
Research Interests:
Structure, function and reactivity of proteins. Application of protein science to medicine, agriculture, food science and biomaterial design.

Selected Publications

L. Sasso, S. Suei, L. Domigan, J. Healy, V. Nock, M.A.K. Williams, and J.A. GerrardVersatile multi-functionalization of protein nanofibrils for biosensor applicationsNanoscale6 (3)1629-16342014paper
S. M. Pilkington, S. J. Roberts, S. J. Meade, and J. A. GerrardAmyloid fibrils as a nanoscaffold for enzyme immobilisationBiotechnology Progress26 (1)93-1002010paper
J. K. Raynes, F. G. Pearce, S. J. Meade, and
J, A. Gerrard
Immobilization of organophosphate hydrolase on an amyloid fibril nanoscaffold: Towards bioremediation and chemical detoxificationBiotechnology Progress27 (2)360–3672010paper
M. Garvey, S. Gras, S. Meehan, S. J. Meade, J. A. Carver, and J.A. GerrardProtein nanofibres of defined morphology prepared from mixtures of crude crystallinsInternational Journal of Nanotechnology6258-2732009paper
S. H. Mackintosh, S. J. Meade, J. P. Healy, K. H. Sutton, N. G. Larsen, A. M. Squires, and J. A. GerrardWheat glutenin proteins assemble into a nanostructure with unusual structural features Journal of Cereal Science49 (1)157-1622009paper