Dr.Paula A. Brooksby(Research Associate)website
email: paula.brooksby@canterbury.ac.nz
phone: +64 3 364 2987 ext 7437
fax: +64 3 364 2110

Selected Publications

D. M. Packwood, P. A. Brooksby, A. D. Abell, and A. J. DownardpH Dependent Wettability of Carboxyphenyl Films Grafted to Glassy CarbonAustralian Journal of Chemistry64 (1)122-1262011paper
J. Lehr, D. J. Garrett, M. G. Paulik, B. S. Flavel, P. A. Brooksby, B. E. Williamson, and A. J. Downard Patterning of metal, carbon, and semiconductor substrates with thin organic films by microcontact printing with aryldiazonium salt inksAnalytical Chemistry82 (16)7027–70342010paper
P. A. Brooksby, A. J. Downard, and S. S. C. YuEffect of Applied Potential on Arylmethyl Films Oxidatively Grafted to Carbon SurfacesLangmuir21 (24)11304–113112005paper