Dr.Tim Woodfield(Research Associate)website
BE Mech Hons (Canterbury), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Twente)
email: tim.woodfield@canterbury.ac.nz
phone: +64 3
364 2987 ext 7384
Research Interests:
Scaffold/biomaterial design for functional tissue-engineered implants, Solid Free-from Fabrication (SFF) of porous biomaterials, Mechanobiology of cells/connective tissues, Orthopedic applications.

Selected Publications

N. T. Kirkland,
N. Birbilis,
J. Walker,
T. Woodfield,
G. J. Dias,
M. P. Staiger
In-vitro dissolution of magnesium-calcium binary alloys: Clarifying the unique role of calcium additions in bioresorbable magnesium implant alloysJournal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B - Applied Biomaterials95B (1)91-1002010paper
T. B. F. Woodfield,
M. Guggenheim,
B. Von Rechenberg,
J. Riesle,
C. A. Van Blitterswijk,
V. Wedler
Rapid prototyping of anatomically shaped, tissue-engineered implants for restoring congruent articulating surfaces in small jointsCell Proliferation42 (4)485-4972009paper
P. D. Dalton, T. B. F. Woodfield, and D. W. HutmacherSnapshot: Polymer scaffolds for tissue engineeringBiomaterials30 (4)701-7022009paper
T. B. F. Woodfield, S. Miot, I. Martin, C. A. van Blitterswijk, and J. RiesleThe regulation of expanded human nasal chondrocyte re-differentiation capacity by substrate composition and gas plasma surface modificationBiomaterials27 (7)1043-10532006paper