A/Prof. Dr.Peter Metcalf(Associate Professor)website
PhD (AU)
email: peter.metcalf@auckland.ac.nz
phone: +64 9 3737599 ext 84810
Research Interests:
Ultrastable micro-protein crystal engineering Projects working on: viral polyhedra, atomic structures, engineering these micro-crystals.

Selected Publications

P. G. Young, R. Walanj, V. Lakshmi, L. J. Byrnes, P. Metcalf, E. N. Baker, S. B. Vakulenko, and C. A. SmithThe Crystal Structures of Substrate and Nucleotide Complexes of Enterococcus faecium Aminoglycoside-2''-Phosphotransferase-IIa [APH(2'')-IIa] Provide Insights into Substrate Selectivity in the APH(2'') SubfamilyJournal of Bacteriology191 (13)4133-41432009paper
F. Coulibaly, E. Chiu, S. Gutmann, C. Rajendran, P. W. Haebel, K. Ikeda, H. Mori, V. K. Ward, C. Schulze-Briese and P. MetcalfThe atomic structure of baculovirus polyhedra reveals the independent emergence of infectious crystals in DNA and RNA virusesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences106 (52)22205-222102009paper
H. Ijiri, F. Coulibaly, G. Nishimura, D. Nakai, E. Chiu, C. Takenaka, K. Ikeda, H. Nakazawa, N. Hamada, E. Kotani, P. Metcalf, S. Kawamatad, and H. MoriStructure-based targeting of bioactive proteins into cypovirus polyhedra and application to immobilized cytokines for mammalian cell culture Biomaterials30 (26)4297-43082009paper
F. Coulibaly, E. Chiu, K. Ikeda, S. Gutmann, P. W. Haebel, C. Schulze-Briese, H. Mori and P. MetcalfThe molecular organization of cypovirus polyhedraNature44697-1012007paper