Dr.Volker Nock(Associate Investigator)website
PhD (Canterbury), Dipl.-Ing. (Freiburg), MIEEE, MRSNZ, MVDI
email: volker.nock@canterbury.ac.nz
phone: +64 3 364 2987 ext 7539
fax: +64 3 364 2761
Research Interests:
microfabrication, applied microfluidics, biomedical microdevices, bioreactors, drug delivery, wireless sensors, bioimprint

Selected Publications

L. Sasso, S. Suei, L. Domigan, J. Healy, V. Nock, M.A.K. Williams, and J.A. GerrardVersatile multi-functionalization of protein nanofibrils for biosensor applicationsNanoscale6 (3)1629-16342014paper
M. Sellier, V. Nock, C. Gaubert, and C. Verdier Droplet actuation induced by coalescence: Experimental evidences and phenomenological modelingThe European Physical Journal Special Topics219 (1)131-1412013paper
S. Johari, V. Nock, M.M. Alkaisi and W. WangOn-chip analysis of C. elegans muscular forces and locomotion patterns in microstructured environmentsLab on a Chip13 (9)1699–17072013paper
A. Ghanbari, V. Nock, S. Johari, R. J. Blaikie, X-Q. Chen and W. WangMicropillar-based on-chip system for continuous force measurement of C. elegansJournal of Micromechanics and Microengineering22 (9)0950092012paper
L.M. Murray, V. Nock, M.M. Alkaisi, J.J.M. Lee, and T.B.F. WoodfieldFabrication of polymeric substrates with micro- and nanoscale topography bioimprinted at progressive cell morphologiesJournal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures: Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena3006F9022012paper
A. Yoshida, K. Chitcholtan, J. J. Evans, V. Nock, and S. W. BeasleyIn vitro tissue engineering of smooth muscle sheets with peristalsis using a murine induced pluripotent stem cell lineJournal of Pediatric Surgery47 (2)329–3352012paper
V. Nock, L. Murray, F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi, and J. J. EvansMicrofluidic arrays for bioimprint of cancer cellsMicroelectronic Engineering88 (8)814-8162011paper
S. Johari, V. Nock, M. M. Alkaisi and W. WangHigh-Throughput Microfluidic Sorting of C. elegans for Automated Force Pattern MeasurementMaterials Science Forum700182-1872011paper
E. J. Boyd, V. Nock, D. Weiland, X. Li, and D. UttamchandaniDirect comparison of stylus and resonant methods for determining Young's Modulus of single and multilayer MEMS cantileversSensors and Actuators A: Physical172 (2)440-4462011paper
M. Sellier and V. NockMicrofluidics have huge potentialThe New Zealand Science Teacher12626-282011paper
M. Sellier, V. Nock, and C. VerdierSelf-propelling, coalescing dropletsInternational Journal of Multiphase Flow37 (5)462-4682011paper
E. J. Boyd, V. Nock, X. Li, D. UttamchandaniDensity measurement of thin-films for Micro-electromechanical systems using micro-cantilever structuresThin Solid Films519 (22)7932-79352011paper
B. S. Flavel, A. J. Gross, D. J. Garrett, V. Nock, and A. J. DownardA Simple Approach to Patterned Protein Immobilization on Silicon via Electrografting from Diazonium Salt SolutionsACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2 (4)1184–11902010paper
V. Nock, L. Murray, F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi and J. J. EvansMicrofluidics-assisted photo nanoimprint lithography for the formation of cellular bioimprintsJournal of Vacuum Science and Technology B28 (6)C6K17-C16K222010paper
V. Nock, M. M. Alkaisi, and R. J. BlaikiePhotolithographic patterning of polymer-encapsulated optical oxygen sensorsMicroelectronic Engineering87814-8162010paper
V. Nock and R.J. BlaikieSpatially-Resolved Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in Multi-Stream Microfluidic DevicesIEEE Sensors Journal10 (12)1813-18192010paper
A. Ghanbari, V. Nock, W. H. Wang, R. J. Blaikie, J. G. Chase, X. Q. Chen and C. E. HannForce pattern characterization of C. elegans in motionInternational Journal of Computer Applications in Technology39 (1-3)137-1442010paper
V. NockControl and measurement of oxygen in microfluidic bioreactors.PhD Thesis, University of Canterbury, New Zealand11-2432009fulltext
V. Nock, R. J. Blaikie, and T. DavidOxygen Control For Bioreactors And In-vitro Cell AssaysAIP Proceedings115167-702009paper
V. Nock, R. J. Blaikie, and T. DavidIn-situ Optical Oxygen Sensing for Bio-artificial Liver BioreactorsIFMBE Proceedings23778-7812009paper
V. Nock, R. J. Blaikie, and T. DavidPatterning, integration and characterisation of polymer optical oxygen sensors for microfluidic devicesLab on a Chip81300-13072008paper
B. Samel , V. Nock, A. Russom, P. Griss, and G. StemmeA disposable lab-on-a-chip platform with embedded fluid actuators for active nanoliter liquid handlingBiomedical Microdevices961-672007paper
V. Nock, R. J. Blaikie, and T. DavidMicro-patterning of polymer-based optical oxygen sensors for lab-on-chip applicationsProceedings of SPIE679910.1117/12.7590232007paper
V. Nock, R. J. Blaikie, and T. DavidMicrofluidics for bioartificial liversNZ Medical Journal1202-32007abstract
B. Samel, V. Nock, A. Russom, P. Griss, and G. StemmeA low-cost disposable nanoliter liquid handling system with embedded fluid actuatorsProceedings of the sixth Micro Structure Workshop12006
V. NockOptimization of novel thermally activated single-use valves and pumps for minimally invasive transdermal drug delivery and Lab-on-Chip applicationsDiploma Thesis, University of Freiburg, Germany11-712005fulltext
C. Peters, V. Nock, and Y. ManoliDesign and Fabrication of Planar Antennas for Wireless Power and Data Transmission to ImplantsProceedings of ICBME - International Conference on Biomedical Engineering12005
B. Samel, V. Nock, A. Russom, P. Griss, and G. StemmeNanoliter Liquid Handling On A Low Cost Disposable With Embedded Fluid ActuatorsProceedings IEEE International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems (Transducers)1356-3592005paper