Dr.Jasna Rakonjac(Senior Lecturer)website
B.Sc. and M.Sc. (University of Belgrade), Ph.D. (Rockefeller University)
email: J.Rakonjac@massey.ac.nz
phone: +64 6 350 5515 ext 5134
fax: +64 6 350 5688
Research Interests:
Mechanism of M13 (f1) phage infection and assembly, outer membrane channels of Gram-negative bacteria, phage display as a tool in functional genomics and metagenomics, Gibberellin signalling in plants, host-phage wars

Selected Publications

J. Spagnuolo, N. Opalka, W. X. Wen,
D. Gagic, E. Chabaud,
P. Bellini, M. D. Bennett,
G. E. Norris, S. A. Darst, M. Russel, J. Rakonjac
Identification of gating regions in the primary structure o the secretin pIVMolecular Microbiology76 (1)133–1502010paper
X. Sun, W. T. Jones, D. Harvey, P. J. B. Edwards, S. M. Pascal, C. Kirk, T. Considine, D. J. Sheerin, J. Rakonjac, C. J. Oldfield, B. Xue, A. K. Dunker and V. N. UverskyN-Terminal domains of DELLA proteins are intrinsically unstructured protein in the absence of interaction with GID1 GA receptorsThe Journal of Biological Chemistry285 (24)11557-115712010paper
D. Jankovic, M. A. Collett, M. W. Lubbers, and J. RakonjacDirect selection and phage display of a Gram-positive secretomeGenome Biology8 (12)R2662007paper
J. Rakonjac, P. W. O'Toole, and M. LubbersIsolation of lactococcal prolate phage-phage recombinants by enrichment strategy reveals two novel host range determinantsJournal of Bacteriology187 (9)3110-31212005paper