Dr.Mark Staiger(Senior Lecturer)website
BE (Materials Engineering), PhD (Monash)

Selected Publications

R. A. Oldinski, T. T. Ruckh, M. P. Staiger, K. C. Popat, and S. P. JamesDynamic mechanical analysis and biomineralization of hyaluronan-polyethylene copolymers for potential use in osteochondral defect repairActa Biomaterialia7 (3)1184-11912011paper
N. T. Kirkland,
N. Birbilis,
J. Walker,
T. Woodfield,
G. J. Dias,
M. P. Staiger
In-vitro dissolution of magnesium-calcium binary alloys: Clarifying the unique role of calcium additions in bioresorbable magnesium implant alloysJournal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B - Applied Biomaterials95B (1)91-1002010paper
B. J. C. Duchemin, M. P. Staiger, N. Tucker, R. H. NewmanAerocellulose based on all-cellulose compositesJournal of Applied Polymer Science115 (1)216–2212010paper
K. B. Adhikary, S. Pang, and M. P. StaigerEffects of the Accelerated Freeze-Thaw Cycling on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood Flour-Recycled Thermoplastic CompositesPolymer Composites31 (2)185-1942010paper
J. Stanger, N. Tucker, A. Wallace, N. G. Larsen, M. P. Staiger, R. ReevesThe Effect of Electrode Configuration and Substrate Material on the Mass Deposition Rate of ElectrospinningJournal of Applied Polymer Science112 (3)1729–17372009paper