Selected Publications

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C. Laslau, D. E. Williams, B. E. Wright, and J. Travas-SejdicMeasuring the Ionic Flux of an Electrochemically Actuated Conducting Polymer Using Modified Scanning Ion Conductance MicroscopyJournal of the American Chemical Society133 (15)5748–57512011paper
D. Svirskis, B. E. Wright, J. Travas-Sejdic, A. Rodgers, S. GargDevelopment of a Controlled Release System for Risperidone Using Polypyrrole: Mechanistic StudiesElectroanalysis22 (4)439–4442010paper
H. Peng, L. Zhang, C. Soeller and J. Travas-SejdicConducting polymers for electrochemical DNA sensingBiomaterials30 (11)2132-21482009paper
C. Laslau, Z. Zujovic, G.A. Bowmaker, L. Zhang, J. Travas-SejdicMorphological evolution of self-assembled polyaniline nanostuctures obtained by pH-stat chemical oxidationChemistry of Materials21 (5)954–9622009paper
J. B. Spires, H. Peng, D. E. Williams, B. E. Wright, C. Soeller and J. Travas-SejdicThe effect of the oxidation state of a terthiophene-conducting polymer and of the presence of a redox probe on its gene-sensing propertiesBiosensors and Bioelectronics24 (4)928-9332008paper