Selected Publications

S. R. Coles, D. K. Jacobs, J. O. Meredith, G. Barker, A. J. Clark, K. Kirwan, J. Stanger, N. TuckerA design of experiments (DoE) approach to material properties optimization of electrospun nanofibersJournal of Applied Polymer Science117 (4)2251–22572010paper
B. J. C. Duchemin, M. P. Staiger, N. Tucker, R. H. NewmanAerocellulose based on all-cellulose compositesJournal of Applied Polymer Science115 (1)216–2212010paper
J. Stanger, N. Tucker, A. Wallace, N. G. Larsen, M. P. Staiger, R. ReevesThe Effect of Electrode Configuration and Substrate Material on the Mass Deposition Rate of ElectrospinningJournal of Applied Polymer Science112 (3)1729–17372009paper