The Cawthron Biosecurity & Biotechnology Group

Cawthron Institute

Private Bag 2
98 Halifax St
New Zealand

BNN members

Mike Packer


Biosecurity protects New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna and economically important biological industries against invasions by unwanted foreign organisms.

New Zealand’s biosecurity is already threatened by many well known introduced terrestrial weeds and pests such as possum, gorse, old man?s beard, and wasps. At Cawthron we focus on aquatic bioinvasions which could have an equally large impact but are less well known, eg the Asian kelp Undaria, toxic micro-algae, and disease carrying mosquitoes.

Cawthron’s research into harmful algal blooms and marine biotoxins is included in this section, even though some of the toxic micro-algae we’ve discovered have been native to New Zealand!


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