Dr.Fahmi Samsuri(Lecturer)website
Ph.D. (Nanofabrication & Biomedical Inst.) (Canterbury Uni, NZ)
M.Sc. (Microelectronics) (UKM)
B.Eng. (Electrical, Electronic & System Eng.) (UKM)
email: fahmi@ump.edu.my
Research Interests: Biosensor / Diagnostic kits, Sensor Instrument
Micro Processing System, Micro/Nano Machining
VHDL/Verilog Hardware Programming
Front-End IC Design, PCB Design, Layout, Routing & Fabrication
Photolithography, Nano-Imprint Lithography, Nanofabrication
Bionanotechnology, Biomedical Instrumentation (Microfluidics)
Biological Experimentation (Cancer Cell Study)

Selected Publications

S. Chandramouleeswaran, A. M. A. Haidar, F. SamsuriWavelet diagnosis of ECG signals with kaiser based noise diminutionJournal of Biomedical Science and Engineering5705-7142012paper
V. Nock, L. Murray, F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi, and J. J. EvansMicrofluidic arrays for bioimprint of cancer cellsMicroelectronic Engineering88 (8)814-8162011paper
F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi, J. J. Evans, K. Chitcholtan, and J. S. MitchellDetection of changes in cell membrane structures using the Bioimprint techniqueMicroelectronic Engineering88 (8)1871-18742011paper
V. Nock, L. Murray, F. Samsuri, M. M. Alkaisi and J. J. EvansMicrofluidics-assisted photo nanoimprint lithography for the formation of cellular bioimprintsJournal of Vacuum Science and Technology B28 (6)C6K17-C16K222010paper
F. Samsuri, J. S. Mitchell, M. M. Alkaisi, and J. J. EvansFormation of Nanoscale Bioimprints of Muscle Cells Using UV-Cured Spin-Coated PolymersJournal of Nanotechnology5934102009paper

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