Considerable interest in biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and nano medicine has been generated in recent years because of their potential contribution in early diagnosis and detection of diseases, the scaling down of medical laboratories (e.g. mobile labs and lab-on-a-chip), fast processing of samples, small sample volume requirement (few cells), ability to achieve high levels of automation; continuous sampling and monitoring of body conditions and the immune system, DNA sequencing, drug delivery, parallel testing, and their low cost.

Thus bionanotechnology offers a rich field for scientists and researchers and an exciting potential for technology development and industry.

A number of researchers at the MacDiarmid institute are currently involved in this field, with different projects scattered among the different themes and universities. This is the natural result of working in a multidisciplinary field where chemists, physicists, engineers, biologist and medical doctors are working together on projects that could not be initiated without the combination of skills afforded by such a multidisciplinary approach. Coordination between researchers is essential for the benefit of all involved and the advancement of this burgeoning area.